Hollydan Works Canada

Hollydan Works Canada’s exclusive co-distribution and leased networks, cover; major television networks (17 television networks) and theaters (nearly 2000 theaters) and provides content to a number of hotels and TV networks featuring pay-per-view, in the Balkans. Our vast networks once covered over 43000 retail outlets, kiosks, and video stores in 18 countries, also including bookstores (62 stores) carrying feature films which were adapted from books. In addition, we also provided content to a chain of vending machines (400 machines) across the Balkans.

In 2006 when content on BLU-RAY disks was first introduced to the worldwide market, we were among the first to distribute content on Blu-Ray disks.

Since 2010 the sales of DVD’s and BLU-RAY’s have dropped 70% and were on a worldwide sales decline, by 2020 DVD and BLU-RAY will most likely be extinct like their predecessor the VHS tape.

In 2012 we ceased DVD and BLU-RAY distribution and intended to replace that media with online Video on Demand (VOD).

We have always kept current with technological changes in how people watch movies, documentaries and TV series.

In 2013 Hollydan Works Canada began cultivating strategic partnerships with the world’s leading premium VOD PLATFORMS in order to one day offer our clients a diversity of premium VOD outlets in which to sell their filmed content online with integrity, but unlike most other VOD distributors, we did not just dive unprepared into this new and exciting media in 2013, but instead we began developing a COMPLETE VOD MARKETING SOLUTION.

Distributing content to just any VOD platform, and without a marketing plan, a marketing mechanism, does not assure sales, and without sales what is the point.

In 2016 we placed a small batch of select content on some of the world’s leading VOD platforms and began Beta testing our unique marketing solution, by July 2016 the results were phenomenal, better than anyone had anticipated. As of September 2016 we will officially launch our online VOD distribution division.

Content owners may submit a request for submission of their Feature Films, TV Series or Documentaries by clicking the below blue SUBMIT REQUEST button.

For content owners who wish to learn more information before making a submission request can click on the red DISTRIBUTION BRIEF button to download the Distribution brief PDF.